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The Swedish Journal of Sport Research (SJSR) is the official journal of SVEBI. For preparing and submitting your manuscript to SJSR, please view instructions for authors here.

Extended time limit
Manuscripts to The Swedish Journal of Sport Research (SJSR) shall be submitted no later than 2 September.
The manuscript may not exceed 6,000 words (excluding the abstract and references). Please include a word count. The manuscript is to be written in Times New Roman 14 with 1.5 line spacing.
Papers accepted only in English. The authors are encouraged to have their papers language checked before they are submitted.
Manuscripts are to be sent to the Editor Erwin.Apitzsch@psy.lu.se


Manus till Idrottsforskaren skickas till Anders Östnäs. Deadline nummer 2 – 2013 är 30 augusti

Idrottsforskaren nr 1 – 2013 utkom i mars!


Deadline Uppsatstävlingen är 20 juni


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